miércoles, febrero 25, 2009

A young skeptic.

I being somewhat a skeptic since very young. Although my mother is catholic, she's a 'light' catholic, in the sense that she thinks that there is a god, but he hardly has something to do with the universe we live in; she's something I like to see as a catholic-colored pantheist. My father, in analogy, would be a catholic-colored agnostic, he finds comfort in the idea and is attached to the festivities, but not very religious by himself.

There is a story told by my mother that, I think, reflects pretty well how I think. My parents' house has 2 floors, with the bedrooms upstairs, and my father used to have his examin room downstairs for walk-by patients (he's a physician with a residence in anesthetics). She says that one time, when I was around 4 or 5, some relatives came to visit. So, my mother tells that once she was talking to my aunt in the kitchen downstairs when my cousin (she's the same age as me) walk down the stairs crying 'Mommy, I want to go home!... My cousin (me) doesn't want me here no more!' My mom and my aunt were like 'Uh? what you mean?' and then I walk down the stairs behind her. 'Nonono... my cousin (she) is a lier!' My mom and aunt are like 'and why is that?', so I reply 'It is because she says that downbelow is Hell, but I say she's wrong, that downbelow is my dad's examing room!'

I guess that says it all, don't you think?

Does anyone has a similar story?

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